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Below are a small selection of testimonials from some of our children's parents.

‘I am very happy how the staff helps my child’, ‘O’ has done really well she has developed a lot since she first started, ‘O’ is developing well with her language and talks about her key person at home’. 29/3/2012;

‘I am happy with your transition to school display, she really likes the idea of how we displayed the uniforms, school bags. She really enjoys walking around the nursery school with her child and the key person on their transition day. My child showed interest to his new school and he was very excited’. 12-7-2012;

‘Mum was very happy with playgroup transition to school process; She stated that ‘transition is a good idea’, It helps my child, transition book help my child to visually to get familiar with the new changes and it is memory for my daughter when she gets older’.

‘I am very grateful. Since my child has started playgroup he has shown great progress. He is able to say his name, his age. I am very pleased the way key person is working towards my child’s development’. 19-12-2012;

‘My son is now confident and I am so proud of him and a big thank you to all the staff especially his key person’

‘I like playgroup because of its quality staff members’ and the key person understand the children and of course their needs’.

‘So impressed with staffs efforts, keep it up’.


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